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Our Story

We started The Veg Factor in 2009, suppliers of Fresh Produce, Dairy Products and an extensive range of specialist products to the catering trade. That all changed when all changed on the 20th March when the government announced the close of pubs and restaurants. Over night we lost 80% of our business over night, some how we had to rebuild the business again, while still having a duty to supply the care homes and schools that were still open.

We were supplying some of the best Restaurants, hotels and pubs in the East midlands.  

We always try sourcing as many products as possible where the quality was right such as Colston Basset and Manor Farm Yoghurts, Hambleton Bakery we have just started working with Vine Farm Dairy and are looking to work with other local producers and also pay them a fair price.

We always take daily trips to  Convent Garden market and have done  this enables us to  keep the quality and seasonality high we are always usually one of the first suppliers in the area to get the “first of the season produce”  for example asparagus, Jersey royals so the restaurants can get it on the menu’s.   We also source from the finest produce from Rungis market and Milan, monks beard, violet artichokes, Italian winter leaf such as castelfranco and puntarella to name a few products, of late this has been more difficult due to the current crisis that has affected transport links.

Now our aim is to supply these same quality restaurant quality produce in there own home.